FREE flights for over a year!

FREE flights for over a year!

I recently wrote about the increased sign-up bonus on the Chase Southwest Airlines Card. In addition to offering 60,000 points for signing up for the personal card, they are also offering 60,000 points for the Chase Southwest Business card! Before you stop reading because you don’t think you could ever qualify for a business credit card, read this past blog post on business cards. For a $69 annual fee (the personal card) and a $99 annual fee (the business card) you could have 120,000 rapid reward points! That’s worth approximately $1,900 in travel on Southwest airlines!

For point of reference it cost me less than 100,000 points to fly our family of 5 roundtrip to Disneyland!

Most of us would jump at the opportunity to get $1,900 in free travel, but this offer gets better! By signing up for both credit cards, you would instantly earn the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. To achieve the coveted companion pass you have to accrue 110,000 rapid reward points in the same calendar year and credit card points count toward your accrual of points. Upon reaching your spending minimums on each card you would have accrued 120,000 rapid reward points and instant companion pass status! The companion pass is good for the rest of the calendar year that you earned it PLUS the entire next calendar year!


If you signed up for each card over the next month and reached your spending minimums by the end of July, you would have 17 months of free travel for a companion! The added value of earning the companion pass is truly unlimited based on how much you decide to travel.

Mrs. RevDan was my companion on our free trip to Niagara Falls in 2014 (the first time we had the companion pass). She and my daughters have racked up over $4,000 in free companion fares over the last four years.

I thought this was too good to be true when I first attempted to earn the companion pass in the winter of 2014. I really didn’t believe it until I booked my first trip using my companion pass. I easily earned it again in 2016 and continue to enjoy free trips with Mrs. RevDan and my kids using the pass. If you have any questions about how to make this work, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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